Exemplifying abstract expression’s spontaneity, the works are an exploration of self on canvas liberated from any evident reference to the world of appearances, creating form for its own sake, subject to the laws of art rather than those of nature. Such aesthetic frontiers, incorporating entirely non-representational imagery, invites therapeutic, meditative qualities of allowing the viewer to discover their own images within the canvas.

            Employing gestural brushwork, powerful bold forms and improvisational exploration, the works portray a total risk to the artist as well as the viewer. A risk to look into oneself to discover peace or turmoil. Introduction to the Artist JEAN FITCH JONES is a current day abstract expressionistic artist living in Southern California.

           This artist is successful and unique because of her ability marry the power of Western abstract expressionism to the reflective and sensuality of Japanese calligraphy. The art works are bold and daring canvases which push the aesthetic frontiers creating a spontaneous world of accidential splashes, brush strokes left undisguised and unworked on the canvas. The magic of color, form and texture are freed from associations which allows the viewer to explore the direction of a powerful sensual brush stroke or accidental blend of color.

         This artist uniquely combines the art of the cerebral and intellect with private and intimate emotions. This art is a successful and refreshing example of unadulterated energy visualized. The marriage of these two vastly different approaches to the world yield an art that seems to create its own world.